Fundación Escuela para la Vida was born on August 26th, 2004.  We put our efforts into improving the lives of children and youth that live in difficult economic situations, but who deserve to have access to quality schooling to give them a promising future. This is the main objective of our organization, and we have already succeeded in creating a school called the Colegio de las Aguas Montebello in early September 2004.

Andrés Bäppler, a German- Colombian architect, decided to create this foundation to respond to the sectors growing concern about the future of their children who were most likely not going to be able to have access to education, and as a result be more susceptible to drug abuse, early pregnancy and gangs.

Besides serving the youth by providing them with a proper education, the foundation manages projects in areas of health, clean production, and social, environmental, cultural, occupational, and economic wellbeing. We also give single mothers access to productive and entrepreneurial projects. Furthermore, we assist other organizations and foundations in the attainment of resources for infrastructure work.

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Many of these projects are the sources of livelihood for the education of our children and youth!