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The photo exhibition is part of the buildup to the second International Bamboo Festival, where we intend to arouse people’s curiosity and fascination with Guadua, one of the greatest treasures of our native country. We hope that all the attendees of the photo exhibition will be further encouraged to visit our Festival to learn more about “The Gold of the Andes.”

Our aim is to inform the general public about the benefits of Guadua such as its economic viability and its environmental benefits.

Two Exhibitions

There will not only be one exhibition, a second exhibition will be held in the ‘Schule fuers Leben’ Foundation in Frankfurt, Germany. This will enable Colombian and German youth to learn about the exceptional qualities of Guadua, who will then in turn become our environmental ambassadors for the future.

The Target Group

Our goal is to capture not only the family audience of children and youth, but specialized audiences including professionals, entrepreneurs, artisans and supporters of environmental conservation in Colombia and Germany.


22 photos will be exhibited that are 1 x 2 meters printed pictures on canvas, displayed on stands made of Guadua that were designed and built by the students in the Montebello workshops.

The photographs are inspired by the following topics:

  1. Bamboo and its distribution: photos of bamboo around the world and in its natural environment in Colombia.
  2. The Bamboo and its environmental use: climate regulation, water reservoir, erosion protection, biodiversity, and substitutes for wood.
  3. Bamboo as raw material for traditional products: such as paper but also in innovative fields such as the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings or art and design pieces.
  4. Bamboo as an engine for development: in the areas of education, business, labor, politics, and strengthening the Colombian identity.

There are no limits to imagination!