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The Foundation was founded in 2004 by a Colombian-German architect named Andrés Bäppler. Driven by his extensive experience with projects in areas of education, culture and society, he decided to put all of his efforts towards improving the lives of people in need.

Excited by a South American type of bamboo called Guadua, he began to contemplate different ideas of construction and design using this ancient craft of the bamboo farmers. In early September 2004, the Foundation completed the construction of its first major project; a school called the Colegio de las Aguas in Montebello. It is built from this very unique type of bamboo called Guadua. Now the school offers a diverse education to over 240 children from the lower social classes in Montebello. Another major project is the Guadual10 which aims to increase the stock of Guadua in the Valle Del Cauca region, in order to cultivate it, and make it economically viable. The newest project is the Bamboofestival VIVA GUADUA which will provide a platform where experts will be able to share their knowledge, abilities, and experience of Guadua.

General Purpose

Develop the guidelines to a public policy that will regulate the Bamboo Industry in Colombia, and to also raise awareness of both the ecological and environmental benefits of Guadua in the Valle Del Cauca, Colombia and in the rest of the world.


• Promoting the communication and cooperation among governmental institutions, research and educational groups, traders, producers and vendors of Guadua
• Contribute to the region with works and projects involving the production and use of Guadua.
• Promote and use tourism in Cali and Colombia to support the use of Guadua.

Festival Themes

  1. Working towards a Public Policy: Create the guidelines and instruction for a public policy that regulates the bamboo industry in Colombia.

  2. Environment and Bamboo Forest: Forest management, how can people cultivate bamboo.

  3. Industrialization and Innovation: The design and development of creative ideas alongside the experiences of businessmen, traders and companies that work with Bamboo.

Points of the Program

  1. Educational Program: Analytical and practical workshops led by professionals in design, architecture, carpentry, handicrafts, and rural education, as well as other areas of focus.
  1. Academic Program: Conferences

    A. Professionals: National and international guest Entrepreneurs in Guadua.

    B. Lectures: Entrepreneurs, sales representatives and designers from around the world share their experiences and insights on Guadua.

    C. Presentation: College students present their research on the relative themes.

    D. Opportunities for discusion and debate: Develop the guidelines to a public policy that will regulate the Bamboo Industry in Colombia.

    D. Workshops: Construction and development of “El Pacto Viva Guadua”.

  1. Cultural Program
  1. Participants of the festival, students and teachers of the school, as well as citizens of Montebello, Cali, and the world will be able to exchange their cultural and artistic ideas. During the VIVA Guadua closing ceremony, the guests will also be able to commemorate the wonders of Guadua using all of their senses by touching, feeling, smelling, seeing, and even eating Guadua! The closing ceremony will also consist of a kite workshop, a science fair, a carpentry workshop, as well as food, music, dance groups, and theater groups who are all inspired by their mutual interest in Guadua.
  1. Additional Programs

    The VIVA GUADUA Photo Exhibition

    The VIVA GUADUA Architecture Exhibition

Festival significance

The festival will feature a diverse audience that includes professionals in architecture, industrial design, agronomy, research, government institutions, and entrepreneurs as well as University Professors. In addition, potential investors will have the opportunity to see the current state and ongoing developments of this growing industry within Colombia.

VIVA GUADUA 2013 will have national and international guests such as experts, academic researchers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. We expect more than 1.500 people between the 10TH – 14TH JULY 2013. It is an International Festival that will be organized every two years in different parts of the world