Schule Fürs Leben: 

Together with participants from Germany and the project country, Colombia, Schule Fürs Leben develops educational and training projects that will become independent and able to finance themselves after 10 years. The Foundation Schule Fürs Leben helps to start, construct, and cultivate schools and workshops for kids and youth. The projects are financed by the German government and the members of Schule Fürs Leben as well as generous donors.

Montebellos Kinder:

Sponsors support educational projects of our organization in Montebello and Cali. They are interested in stabilizing the future of children and adolescents through the development of sponsorships, donations, and the recovery of members through various actions.


Fundarboledas is a nonprofit organization created the 13th of June, 2003. This organization is a pioneer in Cali that uses symphonic music as a means of raising awareness, inspiring among its members a harmonic coexistence regardless of class, ethnicities or religions, whose result is a culture of nonviolence. The musical educational program is inspired by the Suzuki method.


The Centre for Development and Cooperation Colombo – European (CEDECOPE), is a nonprofit organization with its headquarters in Cali, Colombia, that looks to promote development in Cauca Valley in economics, education, research, culture, society, new technologies, with a Colombian–European focus. We contribute to the territorial development of the beneficiary communities supporting the implementation of projects focused on creating regional social and economic alternatives, thereby contributing to greater equality and regional development.